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He only wants me alive to parade me in chains for a mob to spit on


"The people who always get left out of history are the poor, the disadvantaged, the losers and women… women appear very little in the history books because men wrote the history books but women were very powerful in ancient Rome because the men were always away… in the late republic it was only women who really had the freedom to maneouver and change things. A great deal of the back room politics was done by women. " (x)

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rome meme | five deaths [4/5]

↳ Cleopatra
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IMMORTAL LONGINGS / a fanmix for antony and cleopatra

They shared a hunger for life. Excess was for both Cleopatra and Antony a natural, joyful expression of that hunger - whether making love night and day, feasting on impossible rarities, giving each other fabulous gifts or just playing the fool. Their appetites were well matched, their ambitions on a similarly grand scale, and instinctively they responded to one another. Nobody else would ever be as close to either of them as they would become to the other, although the mutual realization of that truth still lay some way in the future. - Diana Preston, Cleopatra and Antony


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"You were right about that boy, a monster.”

"He only wants me alive to parade me in chains for a mob to spit on."

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in the name of  R O M E;

Get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite shows
Rome (hbo)

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